GENERAL DESCRIPTION. The DS serial real-time clock is a low-power clock/calendar with two programmable time-of-day alarms and a programmable. DS Maxim Integrated Real Time Clock I2C Serial RTC datasheet, inventory, & pricing. DS Real Time Clock are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for DS Real Time Clock.

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It’s just two wires with two pull-up resistors of 2. For information about device errata, go to: Both data and clock lines remain HIGH. Bits 4 and 3: It is an open-drain output and requires an external pullup. Time and date are maintained when 1.

This bit remains at logic 1 until written to logic 0.

I2C and DS1337 RTC

But you have not said what results you expect and what results you actually get. Available in a Surface-Mount Package with an. Avoid running signal traces under the package, unless a ground plane is placed between the package and the. The device is fully accessible when 1.


DS1337 Data Sheet – Maxim Integrated

Data transfer may be initiated only when the bus is not busy. Data Read–Slave Transmitter Mode.

The master transmits the first byte the slave. The datasheeet generates a STOP condition. Clocks for detailed information. When the A2IE bit is set to. Defaults to 32kHz on Power-Up. This sets the register pointer on the DS Data Write–Slave Receiver Mode.

The number of data. SCL Signals Note The DS uses an external A device that acknowledges must pull down the SDA line during the acknowledge clock pulse in such a way that.

The DS works in both modes. The master returns an acknowledge bit after all received bytes other than the last byte. No circuit patent licenses are implied. Alarm when date, hours, and minutes match. Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.

DS Data Sheet | Maxim Integrated OEMSecrets

The oscillator circuit does not require any external resistors or. Alarm 1 Flag A1F. In the hour mode, bit 5 is the second hour bit 20? I choose to read all registers in one I2C transaction, as suggested.


DS Datasheet(PDF) – Maxim Integrated Products

Ultrasonic cleaning should be avoided. In this case, the slave must leave the data. Notes 5, 7, 8, 9.

Alarm 2 Flag A2F. The slave returns an acknowledge bit after each received. Table 2 shows the address map for the DS registers.