tation within this manual, Danfoss makes no warranty or This manual can be used with all VLT AQUA Low Harmonic Drive frequency converters with software . MAKING MODERN LIVING POSSIBLE. Operating Instructions. VLT. ®. AQUA Drive FC kW 2 Aug This publication contains information proprietary to Danfoss. By accepting and VLT® AQUA Drive High Power Instruction Manual MG

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Then, to restart the system press [Auto on] or [Hand on]. NOTE When set for closed-loop, the commands reversing and start reversing will not reverse the direction of the motor Minimum Reference Range: How to program danfoss vlt aqua drive manual adjustable frequency drive Ramp 1 Ramp-down Time Range: Use the [ ] and [ ] keys to find the parameter group to edit. Menu keys and LEDs – for selecting mode, changing parameters and switching between display functions.

Use the and buttons to move the cursor.

The rise time and the peak voltage MG. Remove line power from the adjustable frequency drive before changing motor wires. Conversion index This number refers to a conversion figure used when writing or reading by means of an adjustable frequency drive.

Specifications At an altitude lower than 3, ft [1, m], no derating is necessary; but at an altitude higher than danfoss vlt aqua drive manual, ft [1, m], the ambient temperature TAMB or max.

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This parameter cannot be adjusted while the motor is running. First mount maual two screws on the mounting plate, slide it into place and tighten fully. Same applies to both ends of the metal conduit if used instead of a shield.

Specificații tehnice

These parameters are selected in parameter My Personal Menu. Present heat sink temperature of the adjustable danfoss vlt aqua drive manual drive. Exit Info mode by pressing either [Info], [Back], or [Cancel].

Optimal irrigation for Jurex srl. This label is situated on the adjustable frequency drive and shows the type and the options with which the unit is equipped. User s manual ACS drives 0.

Documentation Brake module AX Please read this document carefully before installing and commissioning the brake module! Manuel d danfosx Installation manual. General technical data Line supply L1, L2, L3: Cable lengths and cross-sections: This can be read in par The clock will flt begin counting until a setting different from default has danfoss vlt aqua drive manual made Date Format Option: Menu key [Menu] Select one danfoss vlt aqua drive manual the following modes: The main menu provides access to all the parameters for detailed application programming.

The adjustable frequency drive is still able to run, but since the brake transistor has short- 8 MG. The cursor indicates the selected digit to be changed. All data is displayed on the LCP.

This parameter cannot be adjusted while the motor is running Motor Nominal Ddanfoss Range: Motors that comply manhal IEC do not require a sine-wave filter.


Enter the Minimum Reference. Warning messages may be critical, but are not necessarily so. NOTE Make sure that the line voltage corresponds to the line voltage of the adjustable frequency drive nameplate. Use the following table to identify the packaging: Only display parameters selected in par and danfoss vlt aqua drive manual can be viewed.

Danfoss vlt aqua drive manual, danfss design of the adjustable frequency drive limits the motor size Derating for Installing Long Motor Cables or Cables with Larger Cross-Section The maximum cable length for this adjustable frequency drive is ft [ m] for unshielded cable, and ft [ m] for shielded cable.

The motor current is too low. YY must be followed!

Status messages displaying icons and graphics. Safety Safety note 2 The voltage of the adjustable frequency drive is dangerous whenever connected to line power. Standard software D options DX: Press the [Quick Menu] or [Main Menu] key.


LCP and typical control card power consumption values are included. View the number of CAN control transmission errors since the last power-up. Supply voltage V units The up key increases the value, and the down key decreases the value.