Billy goes to the dock to say farewell to his boss and Reno (“Bon Voyage”), and glimpses the mysterious girl again. Yumpu PDF Downloader. ANYTHING GOES script – 5th Avenue Theatre. ANYTHING GOES script – 5th Avenue Theatre. Print as pdf. All rights reserved to . 5. Anything goes: [libretto]. by Cole Porter ยท Anything goes: [libretto]. by Cole Porter; Guy Bolton; P G Wodehouse. Print book: Manuscript Archival Material.

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I think the Beaumont version, which I just finished directing last week, plays better and moves quicker. Harcourt’s Pomeranian and made into a beard.

Xnything story has been revised, though all involve similar romantic complications aboard the SS American and feature the same major characters. Previews began on March 10, Archived from the original on 29 June Morro Castle with a lotss of lives suddenly made a shipwreck story too close to home. Performing Flea Over Seventy. A cast recording of this production is available.

This sub-reddit will not support the performance of unlicensed productions. Anything Goes film Anything Goes film. Submission Anything Goes – Beaumont libretto, current licensed version drive.

Arguing with moderators or other members is not acceptable. Reprised when Hope visits Billy in the anythin. Reno restores the mood of the Revival “Blow, Gabriel Blow”. Sutton Foster and Joel Grey. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Hope is anytuing impressed with Billy’s charade, and to please her, he confesses to everyone that he is not really Snake Eyes Johnson. Bonnie and Moonface are a cute team, and the scenes are just more well-written in my opnion.

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Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical. Similar tobut only about Billy as Snake Eyes, with more alternate lyrics. Share a Musical Theatre Score. The script departed significantly from the original story and was written by Sidney Sheldon. The sudden loss of status upsets the little man to no end. Moon tries to invent some indecent explanation for the situation, but Evelyn insists that he would be quite pleased by any rumor depicting him as a passionate lover, especially if Hope heard it.

Reno tries to charm Evelyn, she succeeds, and he invites her for a drink in his cabin. Reno tells Billy that Evelyn has kissed her, and she is sure she will be Lady Oakleigh soon, since love moves so quickly these days “Anything Goes”. Retrieved March 27, I tend to disagree. It ran for performances, becoming the fourth longest-running musical of the s, despite the impact of the Great Depression on Broadway patrons’ disposable income.

Once the ship leaves harbour, Billy is able from time to time to emerge from his disguise–once to be romantic with Hope “All Through the Night” ; another time to exchange saucy compliments with Reno “You’re the Top”. Best Direction of a Musical. We’re debating doing Anything Goes next summer For this revival, the script was revised to incorporate several of the changes from the movie versions.

Moon tries to cheer Billy up “Be Like the Bluebird”.

Yumpu PDF Downloader

Moonface admits his true identity to Billy and he and Bonnie conspire to disguise Billy as a crew member since he is now presumed to be Snake Eyes Johnson. Up to 3 requests a day per person. Awards for Anything Goes. An introductory verse absent in the revival was reinstated for the revival. Harcourt, recognizing her dog’s hair, angrily pulls off Billy’s beard and the crew and passengers realize he must be the wanted man.


Formats and Editions of Anything goes : [libretto]. []

Wodehouse and Guy Bolton, and aanything star, Ethel Merman. Though Hope prefers Billy, she insists she must marry Evelyn, though she gives no reason. Outstanding Featured Actor in goea Musical. Please take into consideration the fact that something you request may not exist. If you see any rule violations, please feel free to press the report button. Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Musical. The production starts in the New Wimbledon Theatre January 29, and visits 32 venues in its nine-month run.

There is also an encore of the song, totaling approximately six minutes.

Cochrana British theatrical manager had bought the London performance rights during the show’s Boston run, [5] librettoo he produced it at the West End’s Palace Theatre. PlaybillMarch 27, Billy spots Whitney and finally learns that Evelyn and Hope’s planned marriage is really an awkward business merger. Wodehouse ‘s Anything Goes.

Cole PorterGuy Bolton and P.