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The paper presents a study of the voltage and frequency stability in micro-grids powered by CHP micro-units. The goal is to guarantee the convergence towards a tight formation. We claim that the methods for designing adaptive multi-agent systems should be borrowed from social sciences rather than from exact sciences. To make the research more clear, the main results and applicability of the theory presented in the paper are demonstrated on several examples.

However, numerical discretization issues related to, e. Simulations, comparing the performance on free motion and interacting with a stiff wall, support the performance of the reported schemes. This equivalence is not maintained in the presence of uncertainty complicating the development of robust model predictive control. In this paper, a numerically robust aalgebre stable model-predictive control strategy for solving the wlgebre in the case of discrete-time double-integrator dynamics is presented.

Contrary to the previous results, the human operator dynamics are taken into account in the stability analysis. A radically new approach to adaptive control using multiple models was recently proposed by the authors.

It builds on earlier work by the authors to provide designs that respect saturation limits on power and energy delivery that will be inherent in storage technologies such as batteries, while taking advantage of their capability of varying power output at higher bandwidth than achieved by traditional generators’ governor feedback. Deviating from the classical sinusoidally perturbed ES approach, specific plant information is assumed to be available and this results in an analytical estimate of the upper bound on k for non-local stability.


Special attention will be paid to the multiscale formalism to describe heat and mass transfer phenomena over a wide range of spatial scales. The study is followed by the analyses of the results. The example network represents an urban residential neighbourhood. A numerical experiment shows that this can lead to considerable savings in computational time for the sensitivity generation.

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However, although SCs resemble control systems, they have algebrs peculiarities which do not allow a direct application of control theoretic methods. Torsional drillstring vibrations, also known as “stick-slip” oscillations appearing in oilwell drillstrings are a source of failures which reduce penetration rates and increase drilling operation costs.

Global finite-time observers are designed for a class of nonlinear systems that are uniformly observable and possibly non-Lipschitz. One way to overcome the resulting problems is the use of prediction based compensation schemes. A standard MPPT algorithm is mounted on top of the proposed solution, highlighting the constrains in shaping the speed reference trajectory to avoid motor behavior of the electric generator.

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Thales Alenia Space Italy. The designer of the covert agent need only have a model of the physical plant; knowledge a,gebre the networked controller is not required. A simulation example is reported to illustrate the main characteristics and performance of the algorithm.

The proposed algebrw scheme is of low complexity and requires reduced levels of a wlgebre system knowledge. The problem addressed is controlled and cooperative action of multiple physical agents in a space environment, tasked with forming an interferometer, maximizing the interferometer lifetime by staged placement of resources and maintaining optimality in the presence of individual agent failures.

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Photosynthesis rate of lettuce was greater in monochromic red light and the mixed light with red and blue LEDs. In the semiconductor manufacturing process, measurements can not always be performed on-line. The performance of the proposed filter is illustrated through a simulation study of tracking a land vehicle with maneuvers. Recently, the total capacity of wind generation connected to power system has increased significantly.

An implementation method based on receding horizon optimization is proposed, along with a recursive feasibility and complexity algebrw. However, previous analyses are unable to explicitly provide the upper bound on k guaranteeing convergence.

Wide-area controllers based on the real-time PMU measurements operating in centralized, distributed and decentralized manner have been widely proposed to damp the low-frequency oscillation of the large-scale interconnected power system. Traditional filters providing local estimates of the states, such as the extended Kalman filter, unscented Kalman filter or the cubature Kalman filter, are based on approximations which lead to biased estimates of the state and measurement statistics.

We need ways of thinking about and describing software which simplifies complexity, at least in regarding to describing behaviour. We consider static output feedback for multivariable subsystems and define a pattern matrix to deal with the block structure of the controller.