AC43.13-1A PDF

AC B. AC A. is. Canceled. Downloaded from 7. AC B. Purpose of this advisory circular? Provide methods, techniques and. : AC A, Change Three: acceptable methods, techniques and practices: A clean, tight copy with no markings in the text and minimal wear. modification and repair support. If you have questions call. We can help you with your engineering needs. AC A Table of Contents.

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Fabric Covering Section 1.

Visual Inspection Section 3. Application and Dope Section 3. Inspection of Propellers Section 6.

Terminal Repairs Section Aircraft Electrical Wire Selection Section 7. Exhaust Systems Section 4. Inspection of Equipment Installations Section 4. Propeller Tracking and Vibration Chapter 9. You can refer to it ac43.13-1s aircraft maintenance, repairs or restoration projects.

Emergency Equipment Section 4. Wiring Installation Inspection Requirements Section 9.


Magnetic Particle Inspection Section 5. Eddy Current Inspection Section 4. Xc43.13-1a and Testing Section 4. Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys Section 9. Welding and Ac433.13-1a Safety Chapter 5. Ultrasonic Inspection Section 8. Weight and Balance Section 1. Inspection and Care of Electrical Systems Section 2.

Environmental Protection and Inspection Section Practices and Precautions Section 2. Hydraulic Systems Section 3. Materials and Practices Section 2. Aircraft Systems and Components Section 1. Corrosion Preventive Maintenance Section 5.

AC B Aircraft Repairs and Inspections

Hardware Identification Tables Chapter a4c3.13-1a. Radiography X-ray Inspection Section 7. Identification of Metals Section 2. The methods, techniques, and practices outlined in this advisory circular are considered acceptable to the FAA.

Advisory Circular AC Finishing Wood Structures Chapter 2.

Weighing Procedures Chapter Human Factors Section 1. Tap Testing Section 9. Protection of Unused Connectors Section Windshields, Enclosures, and Windows Chapter 4.

Cabin Interior Chapter The repair data in this AC is for minor repairs to non-pressurized areas of an aircraft. Wire Marking Section Ferrous Metals Section Repairs to Fabric Covering Chapter 3. Grounding and Bonding Section Transparent Plastics Section 4. Precautionary Measures Section 4. This data can be used if there is no repair or maintenance instructions published by the manufacturer for a needed repair. Welding and Brazing Section 6. The aircraft repairs and inspections outlined here may be used as approved data, and the AC chapter, page, and paragraph listed in block 8 of the FAA Form when:.

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Inspection of Circuit-Protection Devices Section 5. Other Metals and Alloys Section Magnesium and Magnesium Alloys Section Avionics Test Equipment Chapter Wood Structure Section 1. Storage of Ac43.131a Section 3. Glossary for Aircraft Repairs and Inspections Appendix 2.